About Us

Company Profile

Arman Design provides versatile clients with their expertise in product design and product development consultancy service. The company has pioneered numerous successful projects in product fields including electronics, packaging, furniture and lighting. Its flexible product development process, which focuses on client requirements, combines creativity with engineering and results in successful cooperation during the project.

Company Structure: Company department structure represents basic design disciplines, which comprise product development process, and consists of Design Department, Engineering Department and Project Management Department. The company structure aims at customer focused service, design diversity and high productivity.

Arman Design brand assets are their process approach, scientific methods of work and wide range of associated designers. The expert designers with experience in specific business fields join projects that require their specialist skills. This allows to diversify the design approach among design team, structure and schedule design process in accordance with the project matter and achieve project goals in shortened time.

Arman Design gives priority to innovation and value added to basic products in design process. The company pursues registered quality and patent liability of designs as project results. Arman Design owns numerous patents and has already developed patentable designs for their clients.

The company delivers all patent registration services for its customers and ensures low cost and effective results upon procedure finalization. The company cooperates on license-basis with clients, with whom it is bound with patented developments, and manages production launch of respective patented designs.

Why Innovativeness;

Product developing and to discover becomes a meaningful investment by meeting the needs with its making a difference and bringing easiness. An innovation beyond the present ones determines the investment’s feedback. To implement the opinion of the innovation together with the product and to present it to the consumer provides the investor to start in front of the competition. The risk becomes smaller in ratio to the value of the innovation.

Our Mission;

To implement to projects of the future with our customers and business partners and to develop the effect area with solutions that will be assertive in the international competition. By establishing a creative economy with our business partners, to espouse and spread the innovativeness and designing investment in our effective area as business model instead of competition costs.

Company Structure

Arman Design’s company structure consists of product development principal disciplines such as Management, Business Development department,Design department, Engineering department and Project department.

The company which executes the product development processes captiously; works with an expert team of designing,engineering and production methods and thus a fast and reliable high efficiency is reached at the end of the product.

The values generated by the “well-qualified human resources” plays a critical role in the success of “Arman Design”. Undoubtedly, in the way to reach the best, team work and to share different opinions is a highly substantial This perception is generalized and developed in the direction of process based approach and company’s goals.The experiences of the employees are shared with team work perception and successful applications generalized and developed. Project results aims to reach registry quality and patent focused products.


Process is the key word in project management.

A substantive innovation and successful product are achieved through effective process management. Model process introduced by Arman Design starts with understanding of client business environment elements, i.e. market, brand, sector, their requirements and strategy of operation. This is the point when foundation for project success is laid. Only then opportunity areas and innovative approaches are spotted and business development through product design begins. The research and analysis are followed by visual presentations and primary design concepts.

Overall product development process is conditioned by design specifications defined, client’s product strategy and manufacturing requirements. The flexible stages of Arman Design process allow adjustments in each individual client case. Customization of the development model applied is supported by performance analysis of competitive products and user behavioural patterns. The model enables swift and safe approach to each project, which results in effective resource and information usage throughout the product designing process. 


Ideas & product analyze
Marketing reaserches
Identify problems
Ergonomics & interaction study
Deciding fonctions
To Establish the Project setup and  model of management

Concept Development
Concept specification and visualization
Fikir görselle┼čtirmeler
Technical resource analysis
3D model studies
Fonctional & form tests 
Mock-up studies

Design Engineering

Parametric  3D modelling
Computer  presantations
Product tree works
Production methods decisions
Engineering documantation
Prototypes production 
Use tests

Production Management
Moulding design & planing
Production planing

Cost studies
Packaging design
Product documentations