Product Design
Innovating with client requirements in mind, following target market expectations - competitive product design solutions in diverse product fields including packaging, electronics, furniture, lighting, plastic kitchenware.
Concept Development
Innovative technologies and new product strategies employed to translate client’s business problems into product design solutions that move imagination of both users and investors.
Graphics Design and Packaging
Product brand and product identity building including: product surface graphics, function symbols, brand name, logo, promotional displays and stands design.

Product Engineering
From concept to production planning, product development with the use of CAD engineering tools providing the best in feasibility and viability. Compilation of manufacturing data and models into complex production package
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical layer design developed with respect to product character and functioning, without compromising on cover design. Solutions continuously tested in computer simulations.
In the context of current design engineering process making analysis in order to improve the current designs or the ones that are being designed.

Design Management
Productivity increased by translation of business challenges into product opportunities. Benefits from design and engineering continuity achieved with product line life-cycle planning. Evaluation of innovative concepts and reporting on implementation results.
Production Management
Pursuit of product customization, individualization and diversification capabilities throughout development process. Functional and visual diversification, product family extension planning. Analysis based on product performance monitoring.
Cost Strategies
Implementation of cost-cutting strategies based on feasibility studies into the design process. Pursue of sound balance between cost-creating and quality-conditioning criteria.
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